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Things to Expect On a Cruise Ship on Your First Trip

One of the best and amazing ways to travel is going on a cruise ship with friends. Everyone has a first time on this and as a first timer, it may not be easy not knowing what to expect. A cruise ship can be quite busy with hundreds of people, long corridors and decks thus it is important that you have an idea of what to expect. 


You Need a Personal Identity Card


  • This is a card that not only identifies you while onboard, but it is a very important card during the entire cruising time. 


  • You need it every time you embark and disembark from the cruise. Without the card which is attached to a lanyard, you cannot board the cruise. 


  • The identity card is also used to make purchases such as drinks. It is the same card that you will use to check your purchases and credits. 


  • When you need to get into your stateroom, this is the card that you use

You Get a Map


Yes, a map inside the ship! This may sound interesting but getting a map is of great significance. Cruise ships are huge with many people, rooms and staterooms. With this, it is never easy getting around and finding your way back to where you want to be. With the map, it will be easy to find your way around. 


There Are Plenty of Excursions


You will not spend your entire time on the cruise ship as there are plenty of excursions that you can engage in. These onshore excursions are interesting and well organized. Once you are in your stateroom, you will get tickets to these excursions and all the details that you need. 

Tips on an Amazing Cruise Trip


  • From parking light to choosing the right itinerary, there are tips to follow to maximize your experience. 


  • Don’t let the price of the itinerary confuse you, but rather focus on the kind of experience you are looking for, where you want to go and your schedule


  • Interact with other people. You will meet hundreds of people in the ship and places that you visit, interact with them and learn more. 


  • Always keep time. This is of prime importance when you are alone and in a group. While you do not want to drag other people behind, you also do not want to be left behind. 

Make Your Travel by Bus Enjoyable

There are luxurious buses in holiday destinations that make your travel experience an extraordinary one. Traveling by bus is fun and an amazing way to enjoy the surroundings of a new destination. The key players in the industry have done their best to ensure that the buses are as comfortable as they should be.


The cabins are air-conditioned and they are spacious with windows that allow you to enjoy spectacular views along the way. It is important that you enjoy your bus ride.


How to Enjoy Your Bus Ride


There are several things you can do to ensure your bus ride is as comfortable as you would want it to be. Since the buses are already comfortable with the great sitting arrangement, the rest is up to you.


  • Enjoy the views along the way: – Buses will pass by scenic views especially if you are going to the countryside or along the coast. Ensure that you do not miss out on these views and you can research in advance on what to expect.


  • Wear comfortable clothing: – It is important that you wear clothes you are comfortable in. Whether it is the shirt, pants or shoes, ensure you enjoy maximum comfort as you will be sitting for some time on the bus. Your clothes should also be appropriate to the weather.


  • Carry water with you: – Water is essential and when you are traveling, you will definitely get thirsty. Replenish your body and quench your thirst with water.


  • Take advantage of the stops-: A driver will make a stop or several of them along the way. They will stop in an area they know is important such as with scenic views. Take advantage of this and enjoy the surroundings. You can even take photos to carry the memories with you. You can also learn about the area from the driver or from the locals if any.


  • Have your own entertainment: – You can watch movies or listen to music while traveling on a bus. If you are not sure of the kind of entertainment the bus company offers, carry your own DVDs or soundtrack. You will not get bored


  • Carry some snacks: – You might get hungry and to worsen things there is nowhere you can buy some food. Depending on the length of the journey, you can carry some light snacks and drinks.


This is an affordable way of traveling and enjoying your trip to a new destination. It is advisable that you buy your bus tickets in advance to avoid the last minute rush and disappointments. It is important that you make your arrangements well in advance. In some destinations, you can get a tourist card for several days. This guarantees you of discounts on your bus travel and sightseeing.

Countries you should never visit

The reason why a lot of people travel is not only to have fun but also to broaden their mind and ultimately improve their lives. Despite all the benefits associated with travel, there are still some dangers associated with it as well. For starters, you could be attacked, robbed or even kidnapped.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some countries that you should never visit during your travels. If you value your life, you will stay away from these countries. Many tourists who visited these countries have either been killed, kidnapped or are even in jail.

North Korea

North Korea is an isolated state that is likely to disappear anytime soon because it has a lot of enemies and there is a high possibility that there is going to be a nuclear warfare in this region. Of course, you do not want to be there when this happens. Presently, the US is on the brink of war with this small state. The punishment for any wrongdoing in North Korea is often death. There is a high possibility that you are going to be arrested for no reason why you are there.


This region is associated with violence and brutality. Even after the fall of the Taliban, things are not peaceful. Presently there are of radical Islamic group who love the idea of kidnapping tourist and asking for a large ransom. Even more, there are lots of suicides bombing in this region. Visiting crowded areas and a major landmark in this region will indirectly make you a potential victim of a bomb attack. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that there are some safe regions in Afghanistan. If you choose to go, despite all these facts about this region, you might come back alive to share the experience you had there.


CAR (Central Africa Republic)

CAR is a country you should never visit no matter the circumstances. Presently a lot of western countries are warning their citizens not to visit this region and this is because of the extreme violence and brutality associated with the region.


South Sudan

This is, in fact, the world newest country; they got their independence in 2011. Things have not been great in this region since then. Over the years, thousands of people have lost their lives as a result of a civil war. There is no assurance that you will be able to leave when you visit this region.

Of course, there are many more countries you should think twice before visiting, all you have to do is to make adequate research and avoid visiting these countries.

Best Holiday Travel Spots In Egypt

Tourist attractions make some of the best holiday spots. The tourist attraction spots in Egypt are some of the unique scenes in the world. Majestic Pyramids, royal tombs, and the Sphinx are just but some of the features of this great land of ancient kings called Pharaohs. This empire eventually collapsed 1700 years ago. Here is an account of some the top tourist sites in Egypt.

Hurghada, Red Sea

This is a famous Red Sea resort town, an incredible tourist destination, especially enthusiasts of driving around and snorkeling. This popular family destination has attractive resorts and hotels that are family friendly. An array of fun activities such as wind surfing, sailing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing and horse riding are available for the guests.

It is not only ideal for the fun activities but also well known for a vivacious nightlife and wide-range shopping expeditions.

The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian museum is located in the heart of the city of Cairo. It is one the top tourist attractions in Egypt and consequently featured in Cairo tour packages and also in Egypt tour packages. 120,000 artifacts are housed by this enormous house although not all this have been displayed.

The first floor is quite fascinating, and many guests consider it the highlight of their tour. This floor is home to the Mummies Room; it houses 27 mummies however not on display. As you go up the floors, you encounter a massive display of artifacts, detailing the antiquity of the last two empires recovered from the Valley of kings.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel temples are said to be the second most noticeable Egyptian ruins after the Sphinx and the Giza pyramids. They are gigantic rock-cut temples built during the reign of Ramesses. The two were constructed to serve as worship places and also as monuments of him as well as his wife. Her name was Queen Nefertari.

The Egyptian desert has swallowed many points of interest over the years. Abu Simbel having been one of them was disentombed 2000 years later. The temples have been repositioned to salvage them from waters of the Aswan High Dam that are rising.  Today they have become a UNESCO heritage site.

Nile River Cruises

The Nile River is the longest river in the world. It has been the life source of all of Egypt since time in memorial. Nile cruise retreats have consistently been a major tourist attraction in Egypt. The cruises are available in a variety shapes and sizes; the most prevalent and affordable cruises are the most commonly seen sailing between the Luxor and Aswan. Many visitors will tell you that if you have not gone through a cruise in the Nile valley, then you haven’t explored Egypt.

Giza Necropolis

This is not only the most stopped over tourist attraction site in Egypt but also one of the worlds most visited attractions and extensively the most important tourist site in the whole of Egypt. Situated just outside Cairo, they were erected over an era of three generations. One is the Pyramid of Khufu, 139 meters and the largest of them all. The pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Pharaoh Menkaure are alongside Khufu. Also, the region is home to the Valley Temple and the Great Sphinx.

Why Greece is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

If you are looking to kick-start your marriage life in style and create memorable experiences, Greece is the perfect destination to do so. Greece is an all-time classic, and this is awesome if you are up not just for a romantic escape, but also if you have an eye for adventure (or just for a little hike to the mountain villages).

The nature, beaches, islands, food, people, history, weather, parties and all the Greek beauty is waiting for you to discover. These are more than enough reasons to make Greece your ultimate honeymoon destination.

If you still need convincing, here are just a few reasons why Greece is the way to go for honeymooners.

Amazingly beautiful islands

Greece is famously known for its beautiful, exotic islands. With so many islands to choose from, it’s difficult to decide where to stay and which ones to explore. But let’s make your choice easier by mentioning some of the most beautiful islands that will make your honeymoon more exciting and memorable.

Santorini is the place that oozes romance and also a great place to start and end the night. Rhodes and Crete are the place to be if you want to explore the Greek history. Mykonos is a vibrant island that’s full of life and vitality. If you want privacy and tranquility, Corfu is the place to be. Adventure lovers would fancy Naxos whereas nature lovers would love Skiathos and Tilos.

Delicious dishes

If you’ve ever wanted to try authentic Mediterranean cuisine, Greece is the place to be. There are a wide variety of Greek dishes you must try, but for a start you should try souvlaki. The dish is not only tantalizingly delicious, but will leave you wanting for more. Other must-try traditional Greek dishes include; moussaka, dolmades, taramosalata, courgette balls and sea food –you will absolutely love and appreciate these dishes. And there’s nothing better than sharing a great food experience with your significant other.

Spectacular beaches

Greece is filled with beautiful beaches making it the ideal spot for honeymooners. The beaches have perfectly crystal clear waters, silky coral sands, white cliffs and fine pebbles – Greece has it all! Further, you can take a romantic walk along the beach, bask in the warm Greek sun, enjoy the beach view or try activities like kite surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling and more.

Cruise ships

Cruise ships offer the right mix of romance, comfort and relaxation. Romantic cruises in Greece offer the best setting for honeymooners who wish to snuggle up and enjoy the romantic moment.

Nothing is more romantic than sleeping under the stars.

Reasonable accommodation options

There are countless honeymoon-worthy resorts, hotels and villas to choose from. Whether you want to stay in a luxurious villa with magnificent views across the sea to the mainland or a gorgeous apartment by the beach, options are there to explore.

Some Hacks to Save Money for Travel Anywhere you Want

It practically compels you to spare the cash to accomplish your objective, else, you’d be disappointing yourself as well as other people. sing one financial balance and attempting to isolate your travel investment funds from what you can really burn through frequently turns out badly.

An ideal approach to do this is to set up a high intrigue, low expense account without a card to get to it. Along these lines, when the cash goes in and you can’t touch it, your advantage will develop. Programmed stores can be set up by means of web keeping the money. Have it so that on the day you get paid, a segment of it instantly gets kept into the bank account.

Make an Arrangement Before Travel

When you have your new investment account set up, it’s a great opportunity to make a schedule. This is the goal that you can unmistakably perceive how much cash you have to store every week and how much time you have left until the point that you take off. What you initially need to do is work out your coveted reserve funds sum.

Next, you have to ascertain various weeks you have left until the point that you go. At that point essentially isolate your coveted measure of cash by how long there are. The appropriate response is the amount you have to spare every week. Presently, take your timetable and compose the sum you have to save money on consistently you get paid, up until the point that the day you take off.

Sparing early guarantees

Since you know the amount you have to spare every week, begin sparing asap. The more you abandon it, the more you should take from your compensation checks later on. Sparing early guarantees that you won’t battle with minimal expenditure to get by on nearer to the date of your take-off or wind up with fewer investment funds that you require.

Financial plan chooses before Plan

Subsequent to taking out your travel reserve funds, it’s then used to make a financial plan for the rest of the cash you get from each compensation check. On this spending design, record the greater part of your basic month to month costs – lease/contract, auto reimbursements, power, protection, sustenance, telephone charge, garments, diversion, and so on.

Close by each of these, record the normal cost of every class and after that work out the aggregate. When you know the amount of spending plan, at that point you can accomplish a sensible thought of the amount you have left for lackadaisical spending.

In the event that you have all that anyone could need, top up the travel bank account.

Download a cost following application.

When you begin sparing, and furthermore while you travel, it is a smart thought to download a cost following application. Each time you burn through cash, input the sum into the application and give it a classification and sub-class, for instance, in the event that I went out for a brew and nibble I would presumably arrange it under ‘nourishment’ and sub-sort it under ‘eating out’

Ought not to utilize the charge card

Unless you can utilize them mindfully with the end goal of gathering focuses/miles, Visas are not on your side (as much as it might appear like it amid the obtaining stage). On the off chance that you are simply scratching by in the wake of putting your travel reserve funds and cost spending aside, don’t go and get a Visa

Spare cash on fuel and ride a bike

On the off chance that you live in closeness to your working environment, nearby shops, and so on for what reason not spare cash on fuel and ride a bike? It might likewise diminish your protection charge as the auto wouldn’t be out in the city to such an extent.

Best Travel Spots to Spend Summer

Summer is the time when most of the travelers pack their bags and vanish off to explore new places. They plan for holidays, party and what not. During summer many a places host bunch of events and fairs that are splendid to experience. Summer travels are bliss. You don’t get roadblocks, no rain and of course pleasant weather to spend some quality time with friends and family. While talking about summer there are places you can visit for your holidays.

Spend some time under Eiffel Tower

Paris is one of the most desirable places to visit during summer. Though people can expect a little expensive tour and little heavier crowd than rest of the year, nothing can be more blissful than watching Eiffel Tower in summer. Weather during summer in Paris is well soothing. You can easily roam around the streets in the daytime. However, don’t forget the sunscreen when you go out in the daytime.

Soccer Lover! Barcelona is the place for you

Early June is the time when you can enjoy this Spanish city to the fullest. One of the best places to be in holidays in Barcelona. Museums along with historical places in the city will leave you awestruck for sure. If you are not very fond of history but a football junkie, then this is the place to memorize the best moments from any Barcelona match early.

Beach in Bali

Beach is a place that can be visited anytime in a year. Bali beach is one of the many famous beaches that are perfect holiday destination in summer. Bali, Indonesia is not only a cheaper country but also has the best tourist’s spots to explore. During summer the place offers you soothing weather, relaxing moments and opportunity to groove yourself in any beach party.

Splendid Island – The Bahamas

The Bahamas has some tremendously beautiful beaches that can be explored during June. Hurricane and rain are the two evils that can arrive anytime during monsoon. Post-June the weather does not seem like much friendly in The Bahamas. During June not only the weather but also the risk for hurricane or rain is much lesser than July or so.

Amsterdam – The eye candy

Amsterdam is a must-visit place during summer. If not this year, then make an advance plan for next year now.  The museums and the canals across the city will be mesmerizing to witness. The place is best when there is no snow or no rain. Hence during summer Amsterdam wears its best look. It is much cheaper at that time as well as less crowded.

Final Words

Summer is enjoyable as there is no snow like winter or no rain like a monsoon. Along with these places, there are much more that can be explored during summer. If you are foodie then all of these places are best options for you in summer. During the summer season, the places that are less crowded can be an ideal place for a foodie. Probably they will get the best quality food when less crowded.