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Fun Winter Sports for Your Vacation

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When it’s time for winter and you feel like playing, the extreme weather conditions is no excuse for you to stay indoors. Again you don’t have to go skiing or snowboarding. You can travel and experience different types of winter sports as they may vary from one country to another and from one region to the other. 

On my last trip to the snow in Australia I needed smash repairs Canberra as we run into an unexpected accident. During this time I researched some other places to go in winter:

  • Visit Finland and Enjoy Ice Karting 

If you are visiting Finland in winter, you should go-kart as there are endless opportunities for this. This activity is more fun when you are competing with other people. If you are hungry for an adrenaline rush, go-kart racing in Finland is what you should do. Imagine doing this on a frozen lake! It’s a fun experience. 

  • Visit Minnesota for Skijoring

You can engage in skijoring events when visiting Minnesota in winter.  What makes this activity fun is because it’s a combination of dog sledding and cross country skiing. All you will need are your dogs and skis. As you get on skis, the dogs will pull you along. 

  • Go Sailing in the Frozen Lakes of Poland

If you are good in sailing, you may want to visit Poland in winter so as to race over the frozen lakes of the country. It’s a totally different experience from what you experience in a normal lake where there are waves. It’s important you consider your sailing experience before attempting this sport as it can be dangerous. The Great Masurian lakes of the country gives you an excellent opportunity for this. 

  • Ice Climbing in Chile 

If you have never tried ice climbing, you should head to Chile. Climbing the El Morado Glacier is a thrilling experience but it can be terrifying for some. If you prefer more adventure in snow, climb the hanging glacier of Cerro El Morado. Besides climbing, you will have spectacular views of the surroundings.

  • Polar Bear Swimming in Korea 

The Polar bear swimming in Haeundae Beach Korea is an extra-ordinary winter sport to experience. It’s fun and you can join the locals as they swim in Korea Strait’s freezing waters. Its starts with running across the sandy beach for about 10 meters, jumping into the icy cold waters and swimming for about 80 meters. This competition has been taking place since the late 1980s and its significance besides being a fun winter activity is that locals believe it’s a good way to welcome good health.